Cocoa Works Magazine Cataloguing Project

Cocoa Works Magazine Cataloguing Project

One of our volunteers is currently working on a catalogue of the named individuals in the CWM, which will be published on this site when ready. See also the Galleries/Cocoa Works Magazine page for examples of the magazine down the ages.

See also this Exhibition Book giving the background themes in the CWM written by Stan Young, one of our volunteers in October 2018.

Even though the Cocoa Works Magazine was a company publication, it was essentially about Rowntree people; their working, social, family and economic lives, their hobbies, holidays and the places in York that mattered to them.

Each edition of the CWM names dozens and dozens of employees. As a way of recording societal and economic developments affecting staff, we are building a database of every person named and every article written in each of the issues to which we have access.

This phase of the project will not include births, deaths and marriages.

The project is ongoing and already contains in excess of 5,000 entries with many more to follow. The intention is to make it possible to track the contributions someone made to the magazine.

It is hoped that a copy of the database will eventually be lodged at the Borthwick Institute at The University of York, and the City Library, to go alongside other publicly available Rowntree archive material, for general reference.

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