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Memorandum, Founder’s


Joseph Rowntree set up three trusts in the so-called Founder’s Memorandum (click on the link for the full text!) written in 1904.

The trusts have evolved over the last century, developing their outputs to address continuing and changing social pressures and political issues.

The four trusts today are:

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (its name is unchanged since 1904).

 Joseph Rowntree Foundation (formerly the Joseph Rowntree Memorial Trust, and before that the Joseph Rowntree Village Trust).

The Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust An offshoot of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and sharing the same trustees, it was formed in 1968 to address housing questions.

The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust Ltd (formerly the Joseph Rowntree Social Service Trust Ltd)


Joseph Rowntree wrote a revised Memorandum in 1919 that is of interest in relation to the New Towns scheme.

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