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Hannah Rowntree

Hannah Rowntree (1840–1931) was the daughter of Joseph Rowntree (Senior) and Sarah; the only daughter to survive to adulthood. She was educated in York at The Mount School (Castlegate) from 1852 to 1857. When her sister-in-law Julia Seebohm died in 1863, Hannah moved in with her brother, Joseph Rowntree, to look after their little daughter, Lilley.

In 1867, Hannah married George Gillett (1837–1893), son of Joseph Ashby and Martha Gillett. Joseph Ashby ran Gillett’s Bank of Banbury (which was amalgamated with Barclays Bank in 1919) and George worked in the family business.

Hannah and George Gillett had five children: Julia Hannah, George Masterman, Sarah Martha Beatrice, Joseph Rowntree and Arthur Bevington.

Their daughters, Julia and Sarah, both died tragically young – in 1883.

George Masterman Gillett (later Sir George) became an MP: he served on the Committee of the Friends Ambulance Unit. In 1916–1918, he served on the House of Commons Appeal Tribunal for Conscientious Objectors.

Both Joseph Rowntree Gillett and Arthur Bevington Gillet followed their father into banking – the latter holding a seat on the main board of Barclays from 1921 until 1949.

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