“York Remembers Rowntree” Oral History Project

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From fast-paced production lines to summer days spent in Rowntree Park and the smell of chocolate lingering over the city…

Everyone in York has a connection to Rowntree.

“York Remembers Rowntree” was an 18-month oral history project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, running from September 2013 to March 2015. The project used oral history, documents, social media and photography to capture the stories of York residents who have benefited from the legacy left by the Rowntree family. Through this project we aimed to record and collect the memories of York residents for whom the Rowntree name holds a special significance in their lives.

This project aimed to fill a gap in current knowledge about the contribution the Rowntree family had in the everyday lives of people within the city. We took an  in-depth look at four areas: the purpose built housing and community of New Earswick, factory life, entertainment & leisure time and transportation. Through this project we aimed to:

  •    Record the memories of people, which may otherwise be lost from history forever
  •    Build up an oral history archive to complement existing historical collections
  •    Provide a research resource for the community, students and researchers.


Our Volunteers’ Blog entries during the Project

Dunollie Rest House, Scarborough

admin : February 22, 2013 5:21 pm : Community life, Confectionery history, Memories Project, Rowntree Family History, Social history
A  convalesce house in Filey Road Scarborough that was bought by the Rowntree company out of profits from its reserves from the company’s Military and National Service Allowances Scheme. History Dunollie was originally a private home and was later used as a private hotel in the 1910s venue “ideal for rest and quiet recreation” more »

Black Magic

admin : February 22, 2013 4:02 pm : Confectionery history, Memories Project
Launched in 1933, this successful line had a difficult start through the war years when production had to be radically scaled back. It was relaunched in 1947 as a gift box that emphasised romance, sophistication and courtship: rather than being branded with the Rowntree name, the brand name itself carried and marketed the more »
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