Our purpose is simple: to tell the story of the Rowntree family:
their business, their passion for reform, and their legacy.

RT @rowntreesoc: 1823: Joseph Rowntree (Senior) and Samuel Tuke found the first private Quaker boys school in York (later known as @Bootham
RT @rowntreesoc: 1822 JR I from Scarborough buys a disused building Pavement on his 21st birthday to open a grocery business.https://t.co/a…
Centenary Exhibition on Charles Booth's Poverty Maps currently on @LSELibrary https://t.co/dbkAcz9QXD
RT @YorkChocAroma: Cocoa in the air! Moderate breeze 11 mph Southwest. Blustery wind will prevent our aroma travelling far. https://t.co/Ee…
After a number of false starts we're back to the square one with our Rowntree History Timeline. One fact for each new follower after 1822.
Cadbury's women in #WW1 - https://t.co/kYuBcSxqUH How does it compare with Rowntree's?
RT @jrtheatre: Thursday until Saturday - The Pirates of Penzance - https://t.co/j9soq9Tuyh https://t.co/oiLjsXkNRb
RT @ScarboroughMum: Gnr L Rowntree of Crème de Menthe was injured #OTD 1916, commissioned to RFA 1917 KIA 25 Nov #Tank100 @rowntreesoc http…
RT @theJRHT: #HomesteadPark looking mighty fine today in the sunshine @JRHTLandscape https://t.co/dEmjH5I9f5